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concern in a south bay neighborhood after the attempted kidnapping of a child. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. this kidnap attempt in san jose has stunned the community base of its boldness. it happened on park avenue when a woman followed two sisters into their home and tried to literally grab the younger girl out of her mother's arms. jade hernandez joins us live to
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explain what's happened to the suspect. >> reporter: good afternoon. when you think what happened in this neighborhood, you think what was this person thinking? san jose police still don't know the answer but the details are chilling. >> the suspect enters the house and confronts the mother and actually tries to take the child out of her arms by force and the mother is fighting her off. >> reporter: san jose police jose garcia is referring to what a 26-year-old san jose woman attempted. officers say she tried to lure a 3-year-old with candy from her sister. when the teenager ran out with the girl, the suspect did not stop there. police say she forced her way into the home and the mother had to fight off the crazed woman. eventually, the suspect ran out of the house and the officers found her shortly from where we
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started. >> we have many kids on our streets, and a lot of them are the same able as my own children -- same age as my own children. so i feel like we have a little bit of a safety net because i know a lot of the parents and they know me and we kind of look out for each other. >> reporter: san jose police arrested this woman, 26-year- old myra flores, and took her to jail. she's being held on $200,000 bail. no one was hurt. police think the teen's quick thinking is part of the treen the toddler is safe this afternoon -- reason the toddler is safe this afternoon. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. vallejo police are investigating the death of a woman found in a motel parking lot t happened around 11:30 last night -- parking lot. it happened around 11:30 last night at the deluxe inn. police say when they arrived, they found the woman suffering from a gunshot wound.
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the ambulance were called. but she was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we're not identitying her, only describing already as a 30- year-old white female from vallejo. the next of kin needs to be notified. the highway patrol is finding your help finding a hit and run vehicle. the collision happened about 6:00 a.m. on southbound 101. the accident involved three vehicles including a motorcycle rider who was killed and the driver of a van who witnesses claim was driving recklessly. >> the motorcycle was getting onto the freeway and the van collided with the motorcyclist. the van then proceeded to collide with another vehicle as well. pulled over and the driver of the green dodge caravan fled the scene on foot. >> traffic was backed up for about 2/10ths of a mile. investigators say the van
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driver is about 5'10", 30 years old with short brown hair, clean-shaven and wearing brown work clothes. and in san francisco, a hit- and-run accident on the 280 also caused a quite backup. it happened around 9:00 a.m. near the san jose avenue exit. they say the driver of a stole be car lost control and flipped over. the driver ran off. the person being taken away by paramedics was the passenger. traffic was backed up all the way to daly city. we're learning new information about a bicyclist who was hit by a truck at a busy intersection in san francisco this morning. the female cyclist is suffering life-threatening injuries. kraig degrow joins us live to explain what's happening -- debro joint us live to explain what's happening at that intersectiontion -- joins us live to explain what happens happening at that intersection. kraig? >> reporter: the truck involved in the accident is still here. it's just about to be towed away. the police opened up the
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freeway around mission. it was closed due to an accident that has a woman fighting for her life in the hospital. accident reconstructionists spent about two hours figuring out what happened. the bike here was involved. it's bent. there are signs here indicating that it's not legal for vehicles, including bikes, to make any turns here. police say the woman the -- police say -- police say the woman on the bike did just that. >> the truck was going east on mission and the bike was going eastbound. >> reporter: police say the 26- year-old asian woman has life- threatening injuries. the driver of the truck would not speak with us. he works for a newark company calmed sunrise foods. police say -- called -- called sunrise foods. police say the woman was not not wearing a helmet -- they
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could not confirm if she was wearing a helmet. >> there's a lot of controversy and discussion about how -- rules for cars are not desteined for bike -- designed for bikes. >> reporter: fremont street leads vehicles to the financial district from the bay bridge. so the resulting traffic backup while the investigation was going on was a big headache for commuters -- commuters. at this point, it's unclear if either the driver or the cyclist will be cited. kraig debora ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, kraig. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a meeting tonight in an attempt to cool down tensions tied to a police shooting on saturday. it will be held at 6:00 at the bayview opera house. [ chanting ] >> a protest was held last
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night in downtown san francisco to express anger over the fatal shooting of 19-year-old parolee kenneth harding. the officers involved in the shooting say harding pulled a weapon and shot at them first. investigators say residue from a weapon was found on harding's hands. police arrested 35 people at the protest. demonstrators are being blamed for vandalism, breaking windows at the castro muni station and throwing rocks and smoke bombs. president obama is scheduled to meet with republican leaders from the house of representatives in less than two hours to talk about the debt ceiling and deficit reduction. that word comes from a congressional aide who spoke on the condition of anonymity. mr. obama already met this morning with house and senate democrats and it comes as a compromised deal that's forming in the senate that would reportedly cut the federal deficit by $4 trillion over ten years. the leaders are looking at an august 2nd deadline for increasing the nation's debt
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limit. california senator dianne feinstein led a senate hering this morning -- hearing this morning, a legislative hearing that would repeal the same-sex marriage act. they said repeal would undermine tradition tal marriage and the will of -- traditional marriage and the will. those fighting for it told the committee they are being denied equal rights. >> we promised to continue to love one another and be with each other through thick and thin for the rest of our lives. by now our lives are intertwined completely both financial and otherwise. we still can't time joint federal tax returns -- file joint federal tax returns and that means we have to pay more in taxes. >> just yesterday, president obama backed the measure.
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even if this passes the senate it may be tough getting it through the gop-controlled house, they say. we got an update on the search for people swept over a waterfall in yosemite. summer finally returns to some areas of the bay area. mark toe myois up soon -- toe myois -- mark tamayo sun soon to tell us more. >> reporter: and investigators are investigating what started a fire at a u-haul parking lot. some say it could be connected to gas.
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authorities at yosemite national park say three people are presumed dead after being swept over a waterfall. they are searching the mer stead river downstream for their bodies --er in sed river downstream for their bodies. witnesses fell from the falls after ignoring warning signs to pose for photographs. the denny lynn sank during the cliffhouse during the july 4th weekend. it took a while to get it out. arson investigators in mountain view are now reviewing
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surveillance video from a u- haul facility. it's located off el camino real and highway 237. they hope the video will provide clues as to how an early-morning fire started. in this report, tara moriarty explains the owner believes he knows who is to blame. >> reporter: flames broke out at this lot where flames are stored, forcing two dozen people to be evacuated. >> my brother lives down the street. the first thought was to get him out. >> reporter: no one was hurt but the crews had a tough time getting to the flames. they had to cut a hole in the fence. >> the accident was a definite difficulty for us, we had to stretch multiple two and a half inches lines to get back. >> reporter: they couldn't get through the entrance, it was blocked by the trucks parked their on purpose to ward off gas thieves. >> they have stolen at least --
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siphoned gas out of 15, 20 trucks at a time. >> reporter: u-haul manager robert says he's had gas stolen -- stolen from his lot in the last month. if you take a look behind, you can see the area where seven trucks trucks got torched. one sustained major damage. an open gas cap may provide clues. it's unknown who opened it. >> when we have gas prices, we see gas siphoning go up, whether it's more of an individual or more of an organized type of thing. and from what i understand other places have been targeted as well. >> reporter: investigators will use a dog to sniff for accelerant to piece together how this fire started and if there is a connection to the gas thieves. in mountain view, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. police are look for four people who tried to set fire to
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a neighborhood. nicknamed the toilet paper arsonist, they were caught ton surveillance cam today, lighting roll -- camera, lighting the rolls. the video was taken on july 4th by a neighborhood camera along a bell-used walking -- well- used talking trail. but it was kids who alerted the father about this. >> i got over here and found different areas of toilet paper rolls over here on fire. i could not get this one put out. it was already the size of my front yard. >> firefighter the arrived in time to -- firefighter the arrived in time to put that fire out. homeowners posted fliers along the trail about the fires. but for some reason most of those fliers were torn down. sheriff deputies in san mateo county are looking for the burglars who broke into a church rec room. it happened earlier this month on the village church. the thieves pried open a side
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door and made off with thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment. they also stole a dvd player and a hand if full of other items. authorities are hoping witnesses will will step toward -- witnesses will step forward. the orinda teenager covered in sand may neverren able to move again. doctors say he's in a vegetative coma state. last month he was digging a sandcastlele, when the sand gave way and collapsed on him. he was buried for ten minutes before he was found. bryan stow has suffered a setback. the 42-year-old paramedic one cent emergency surgery this week after a major seizure. doctors at the hospital have seen some slight signs of improvement since then. the family is still urging many supporters to pray for his full recovery. the reward money in the
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bryan stow case has risen to $225,000. it yesterday los angeles county supervisors voted to increase their contribution by another $25,000. 31-year-old geovany ramirez remains the prime suspect. he's still not been charged. police are looking for two other suspects as well as witnesses to the beating. new zealand prime minister is in san francisco meeting with mayor ed lee. they compared notes on business, earthquakes and the america's cup. the mayor promoted him with a proclamation. he's considered one of the most -- the team is considered one of the best. >> we know we're up to pretty
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good competition. i spoke to gary ellison a couple of weeks ago. obviously, i wished him luck but not too much luck. >> he visited the silicon valley and met with facebook founder mark zuker berg and wellny -- mark zuckerbergberg and wealthy investors -- mark zuckerberg and wealthy investors. temperatures are warming up nicely. taking a live look outside out towards san francisco and the ballpark. the first pitch is scheduled for 12:45 this afternoon and san francisco already warming up into the lower 70s. as far as the low clouds, we have clear skies. you can see the hug bank primarily hugging the big sur coastline and also to the west of monterey bay. we could have fog develop late tonight into early tomorrow morning. current temperatures just updated. it's warm already. we're talking about some 80s out towards fairfield. right now 7 in fairfield. livermore -- 87 in fairfield. livermore, 86.
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santa rosa at 84. for today we do have this. more sunshine, temperatures on the warm side. tomorrow, some patchy morning fog. still, we'll call it warm, the warmest locations hovering in the throw to possibly the mid- 90s. this will be. head line this weekend. we'll increase the fog. as a result temperatures will be cooling off. satellite and radar not a lot to show you. just a few high clouds moving into the north coast. that's just about it. we have mostly clear skies as high pressure remains in command of our weather. that will be the trend for the forecast, at least more sunshine barming up for today and also -- warming up for today and tomorrow. we gradually cool off those numbers by friday and especially the weekend. for this afternoon, 3:00, there's the eventual temperature range, 68 to 92. as we head to the 7:00 hour, we're still mostly cloudy skies. a beautiful evening. 60 to 80 degrees. and then by 10:00 we're expecting patchy coastal fog to develop. temperatures down to the mid- 50s to right around 68 degrees.
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here you can pick this out. this was from this morning. temperatures are on track to reach the 80s and 90s. brentwood, 94. santa rosa, 90. san francisco, just beautiful at 76. more neighborhoods with san jose in the upper 80s. morgan hill, right around 92. and gilroy, 93. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast -- pretty much identical tomorrow compared to today. you'll see what happens as we head into friday. we increase the fog and temperatures cool off. warmest locations inland. not too cold but not too hot. but tori, when you step out the door you will feel the warmup with the 80s. >> and i will feel it even more when i drive through the caldecott tunnel, right? >> yes. that will be the expected pattern. >> yes. the bay area's two pro football teams may team up.
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the 49ers and raiders have been meeting to discuss the possibility of sharing a new stadium. the most likely scenario would have the raiders pick up part of the tab for the 49ers proposed $1 billion stadium in santa clara. it's supposed to be done in 2015. the raiders and 9ers currently play in two of the oldest stadiums. roger goodell has continually said the two teams should build a stadium together. the texas rangers are making changes to their their -- to their ballpark following the death of a fan there. they plan to raise the railings to 42 inches. right now they are only at 26. that's still above the minimum requirement. the changes are prompted by the death of a nan -- fan who fell. two bay area cities are among the top ten most walkable cities in the country. that's according to a seattle-
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based group called "walk score" that studies that sort of thing. san francisco came in second on the list only outscored by new york city. either was ranked 10th, the -- oakland was ranked 10th, the 10th most walkable building. this is a day that many in walnut creek have waited a long time to see. and you will see it, too, just ahead. also, good news for a local boys and girls club that came this morning in the form of a big check.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, one day after the do you had its best day this year, the stock market is drifting between slight gains and losses. analysts say concerns about lifting the u.s. debt limit, earnings from apple, that stock is up 3%. also clorox's stock is up 2% after the billionaire upped his bid to buy the company. right now, the dow is down 11. nasdaq is down 11. s&p is flat. the oakland city council is looking to double the number of medical marijuana dispensaries from 4 to 8. the four dispensaries currently sell an estimated $28 million of marijuana each year. the council also approved a plan to charge a $5,000 fee to apply for a dispensary permit and an annual fee of $60,000 to run a dispensary. the ordinances must still be
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finalized during a second reading. it was the moment many walnut creek residents have waited a long time to see. this morning, a backhoe took the fistfight out of a long vacant building at north main street and geary road. the building once housed a co- op grocery store but has sat vacant for 30 years. the event attracted quite a crowd. the new owner of the property is planning to replace the building with a farmers market store. the alameda boys and girls club got a big check today aimed at making kids healthier. alameda county supervisor chan handed over the check for $100,000. it will pay for a dental and medical clinic. nutrition at instruction, exercise programs and a garden. the money comes from the voter approved measure a. tonight at 5:00, more from yosemite as we mentioned earlier. there are reports that three
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people are swept over vernal falls. robert handa will be live there from the -- with the the latest. and taking the nfl to task. what 75 nfl flayers are suing for -- players are suing for. the information they stay was held back from them for 90 years. that and more coming up at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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